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Change in New Kitchen Design Causes Blockages in Brighton

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Brighton, United Kingdom – An increase in blocked sinks in Brighton has led to speculation that a change in kitchen design has bought about the spate of call out one local plumber in Brighton has seen over the last few months.

Go Plumber Brighton head-honcho Michael has seen a steady increase in sink blockages over the last few months as more and more people are having new kitchens fitted to their properties. But how can this be the problem of causing a blocked sink?

“Back in the day, a waste disposal unit would be installed under a kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and the pipe,” said Michael. “The disposal unit would shred food waste into pieces small enough to pass through the pipe. For some reason, new kitchen designs aren’t featuring them anymore, despite being around since the 1920’s, which is why more sinks are getting blocked from food waste. We are busier than ever unblocking sinks in Brighton.”

This author remember to rumble and gurgle of a food disposal unit in their home back in the 1970’s, but can such a simple device be to blame for the increase in blocked sinks?

“We get called out at all times of day,” said Michael, a 15 year veteran plumber in Brighton. “Bits of food often get stuck in the pipe which can take sometime to remove. We’ve also found home owners pouring hot fat or grease down their sink. That’s a real no-no as the grease reacts with the water and can really bung up your pipes.”

But fitting a waste disposal unit might seem a bit overkill? “It does, but there there is nothing more annoying than a blocked sink when you’ve got the family round for lunch,” said Michael. “We got a call one sunday lunch and it appeared that the whole family had tried to have a go at unblocking the sink and in the end the caused a lot of damage that we were able to repair quickly.”

So if you’ve got a blocked sink, what’s the best advice: “You’ve got two choices really, depending on how good your DIY skills are. If you want to have a good at it yourself to try and unblock it a plunger and some de-blcoking agent might work. Or you could just call a plumber who’ll be able to unblock it straight away with minimum fuss or damage to your sink.”

Whilst a food waste disposal unit sounds like a good idea and reminds me of my childhood, I think I’ll just call a plumber next time the sink is blocked.

About the Author: James Barnes is staff writer at Go Plumber. Get more from James on Twitter and Google+.

James Barnes
Written by James Barnes

James Barnes has been a freelance journalist for over 15 years, cover a range of topics from plumbing to local news stories. A keen eye for detail, James' big passion in uncovering the truth - however trivial the story might be.

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