"First Class Service"

“Plumbers are always unreliable but Andrew got to me in 25mins! Simply Amazing!”

“Plumbers are always unreliable but Andrew got to me in 25mins! Simply Amazing!”

"First Class Service"

"I feared it would cost a fortune to repair. Got a fair fixed price and they did a really great job. Recommended."

“I feared it would cost a fortune to repair. Got a fair fixed price and they did a really great View Full →

"First Class Service"

“Thought I’d have to pay an expensive emergency call out. Couldn’t have been more wrong, they came to me for free”

“Thought I’d have to pay an expensive emergency call out. Couldn’t have been more wrong, they came to me for View Full →

The Go Plumber 3 step guide to ensuring your plumbing emergency does not turn into an even bigger plumbing disaster!


Identify the problem as quickly and as best you can and then call Go Plumber on this number below and we’ll have someone come out to you for FREE. We always aim to respond to your plumbing emergency within 30mins*

We get to you in 30 minutes:
0800 772 3527
Your local team available 24/7


In an emergency we only need to know three things in order to help you fast.

– Tell us your name and contact details.
– Tell us what the problem is.
– Tell us where you are.


Once the call is made and we have your details it’s all systems go at our end.
All you have to do now, is sit back, safe in the knowledge that help is on it’s way.
Your Go Plumber ‘knight in shining amour’ will be with you shortly to help deal with your plumbing emergency.

Remember: we fix majority of plumbing issues on the first visit…unlike others.

Don’t ever make your plumbing emergency any more complicated than it has to be.

Keep things simple.

The Worst Emergency Plumber in the world EVER!

“Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring Ring…Welcome to Voicemail, please leave a message”

The worst Emergency Plumber in the world is the so called ’emergency plumber’ who is either unable or unwilling to answer your call.

When you need a plumber in an emergency and you make an attempt to contact them the single most important thing is that they pick up the bloody phone!

Probably the BEST Emergency Plumber in the world…EVER!

Here at Go Plumber we don’t actually believe we are the best. We are far too busy helping hundreds of local people just like you with their emergency calls to get wrapped up in who is the best and who is not. However…

What we do know is this…

We understand who incredibly frustrating it can feel to you when you simply cant get hold of a plumber when you make the call. We have a 24hour telephone helpline for your emergency calls. Our 24hour Helpline is also manned 365 days of the year including Christmas days.

The Worst Emergency Plumber in the world EVER!

“We’ll be there 2 weeks on Tuesday Love…maybe! How’s that suit you?”

So, we know that the worst emergency plumber never answers the phone.
The other thing that the worst emergency plumber in world DOES NOT DO is respond quickly. Even if they do answer their phone (eventually) you will quickly discover that they have terrible response times. If your plumbing is leaking in your home and causing damage or you have a burst pipe or a blocked toilet the last thing you need is a plumber that ‘MIGHT’ be there soon. Instead you require…

Probably the BEST Emergency Plumber in the world…EVER!

Here at Go Plumber we know what an emergency feels like for you. We’ve attended thousands of emergency calls to clients just like you. It’s horrible for you and quite often panic can be setting in and all you really want is to find someone who will respond to your emergency call and then jump to your aid…and FAST!

When you call we aim get to you within 30mins!* It’s a very ambitious standard that we set ourselves and we love the fact that we can achieve this for majority of our customers most of the time. Lets be honest we are not super heroes and we don’t have helicopters. We are plumbers and we have big vans.

Remember, our aim is 30mins. Most other plumbers don’t have a response time and if you try ringing around you will find it is a hell of a lot longer than 30minutes because they don’t have big enough teams to cope. Go Plumber do and that’s how we more often than not can get to you in 30mins.

The Worst Emergency Plumber in the world EVER!

“Woooooah This is gonna cost you I’m afraid love and it aint gonna be cheap!”

So, we know that the worst emergency plumber never answers the phone and that some of them can literally take an age to get you. This final trait that the worst plumber in the world has is about pricing. They are never clear on price. It’s always a bit vague and when you are in your hour of need that is the last thing that you really need. We use the phrase ‘getting ripped off in a crisis’. Just because you are desperate and in need of a plumber quickly does not mean that you should pay through the nose. It’s not fair and there is another way…

Probably the BEST Emergency Plumber in the world…EVER!

Here at Go Plumber we offer FIXED PRICING on everything. We do this for reason and one reason only…our customers requested it. We want you to be happy and one thing that does not make people happy is being unable to predict what is going on with the pricing. Once we have assessed the job we will quote you and the price will not change once work has started regardless of how long it takes us. This is how we would expect to be treated at Go Plumber so it makes sense to treat YOU exactly the same.

At Go Plumber we make ourselves available 24/7 – 365

Simply CALL our friendly
Go Plumber team

Always put YOU and your situation at the very top of our agenda. Call us and experience this for yourself.


We get to you in 30 minutes:
0800 772 3527
Your local team available 24/7

Don’t take our word for it…take our customers word instead!

We know that we can’t simply say to you ‘Trust us’ and hope that you do.
It just doesn’t work like that.
Instead we let our customers do all the talking for us.

Our business has always been built heavily on referrals and we’d like to share a few WOW moments with you here.

Martin from Go Plumber got to us in less than 30mins! Couldn’t believe it!
– Mr & Mrs Edwards, Retired, Nottingham

“The leak was so easy to fix, it took him literally less than 60secs so he didn’t even charge me! That is what you call 5-star service Go Plumber!”
– Jenny Killkenny, 53, Office Manager, Manchester

“We had water EVERYWHERE! Cost much less than I thought too and the FIXED PRICE was a comforting touch with Go Plumber. ”
– Rich McDonald, 35, Taxi Driver, Birmingham

“Thought I’d get ripped off with a high call out charge as it was 9pm but it was FREE with Go Plumber so that was a really great feeling”
– Nicola Swift, 28, Stay at Home Mum, Hull.

9 Reasons to use GoPlumber.co.uk when you need a local emergency plumber.

Go Plumber are Professional Time Served Plumbers with glowing reviews online

The last thing you want is some under-qualified man-in-van coming to your aid in an emergency. Choose a PRO instead. Choose Go Plumber.
Our highly trained plumbers are vetted and inspected ensuring you get a highly trained and qualified plumber with Go Plumber. They take pride in their work, have years of experience and want you to be happy with the standard of workmanship they have provided.

Go Plumber get fast ’cause we are local, unlike others

Whilst we have several hundred plumbers in our team, we only offer our service in areas of the UK where we can get to quickly and easily. That’s why you won’t find us claiming that we can get to you if you live in Shetland – not that we have anything against these remote islands, but we simply don’t have a plumber there.

Free Call Out

Paying a call out charge just for someone to look at the problem without fixing it really got to us. That’s why we don’t charge you for call out its free! I we don’t perform any work, you won’t be charged for anything, including the call out…it’s FREE!

Fixed pricing: We don’t take advantage of our customers with ‘vague’ pricing.

We don’t quote a stupidly cheap price by-the-hour to simply get the job and then charge you for 2,3,4 even 5 hours work when the job could be completed within 20 minutes. Likewise, if it’s a tricky leak, blockage or problem, we’ll be there until the work is finished and your 100% satisfied with the work that we have performed for you. We do all this within one price. We’ll quote you upfront and give you the options before our plumber starts work. That way, no matter how long it takes or what needs to be replaced, you’ll know upfront what it will cost.

FREE Quotes and Advice

We don’t charge for a survey, as some specialist plumbing systems we’ll need to see beforehand. We’ll quote you for free and we’ll offer advice as and when its appropriate. We visit thousands of households a year, so we see all sorts problems and we can advise against the potential for future plumbing problems – simply ask your Go Plumber team member while they are at your property and they’ll gladly help you.

We’ll never knowingly sell you something you don’t need.

Most of our customers don’t really know much about plumbing. Hey, we don’t know much about cars that is why we rely on a good mechanic for advice. The same applies here, we’ll only ever advise you on things that you really need and we’ll even inform you how important it is so you can decide what is best to do. No sales-type shenanigans. We simply want to ensure that you are safe and sound.

Work Guaranteed:

All our workmanship is guaranteed for 12 months, ensuring you have peace of mind should anything need adjusting in the future.

We are on stand by for you 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day.

Go Plumber is not a 9-5 plumbing company. Plumbing emergencies don’t only happen between 9am-5pm and only on week days. That’s why we work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We don’t even switch off for Christmas Day and New Years day like other local emergency plumber companies.

Literally Thousands of Local Happy Customers

We attend thousands of properties a year that require our emergency plumber services. We ask each customer for their opinion and use Trust Pilot, an independent customer review company, to publish the results, whether they are good or not so good. That we you can actually believe what you read.

Whatever your plumbing emergency needs are right now…Go Plumber can help you.


and tell us where you are and we’ll quickly send out one of our local, experienced plumbers to you.

It couldn’t be simpler or easier.

We get to you in 30 minutes:
0800 772 3527
Your local team available 24/7

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  • I’m a Landlord and use plumbers regularly. Until I found these guys it was always a nightmare…GoPlumber are the most reliable company I’ve ever worked with.


  • I made the mistake of shopping around…what a waste of time, I should have just called these guys first. Cheap, great service and really fast response.

  • Got to me in 20mins. Got me in my house in less than 5mins…I didn’t expect that

  • The service I received was like nothing I’ve ever encountered before…BRILLIANT!

  • I saved a fortune by choosing Go Plumber.